Walk to End Violence

Huntingdon house’s

Annual Walk to End Violence

takes place in June at Detwiler Field in Huntingdon. This event raises money to go towards the elimination of domestic violence in our community. Donations and fundraising events are vital to Huntingdon House’s success as we strive to serve the community and work with survivors of domestic abuse. 

This Year’s Walk Will Be Held June 1, 2019

Sponsoring a team or an individual walker helps raise money that will go directly to benefiting survivors of domestic violence. Vendors are a key element to the success of the Walk. They provide food, refreshments, and other resources to Walkers as well as raise money for their businesses/organizations and Huntingdon House.

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More Events

Below is a list of more events Huntingdon House is involved in


The Valentine’s Day Dinner-Dance is a themed dance party to promote the elimination of domestic violence in the community and raise money for our organization. The event encourages healthy love and relationships. Every year, the theme and location changes.


The Candlelight Vigil during Domestic Violence Awareness Month sheds light on the issue of domestic violence. Every year in October, community members meet at 6:30 pm on the steps of the Huntingdon County Courthouse to bring awareness to domestic violence. During the event, participants light candles to commemorate victims and survivors. A program is held where survivors share their stories in an open, welcoming, and accepting environment. Then, Huntingdon House opens the floor up for anyone who is there and would like to contribute to the ceremony and speak up about domestic violence. Finally, a moment of silence is held to conclude the ceremony and remind us of those affected by domestic violence.